From Afrique Audit Conseil To baker Tilly CAMEROON : History

Afrique Audit Conseil Becomes Baker Tilly CAMEROON

Created in 1994 under the name Afrique Audit Conseil, abbreviated as AAC, approved by CEMAC under n° SEC 24 and registered with ONECCA under N° SEC 08, our firm became HLB / Afrique Audit Conseil after its affiliation to Groupe France Audit (GFA), which is a member of Handson London Brown International network (HLBI), one of the world's leading audit groups.
In September 2003, Groupe Audit France joined the Baker Tilly International network, one of the top ten Global Audit Groups. As a result, we changed our name to become Afrique Audit Conseil Baker Tilly, a member of the Baker Tilly International Network.
In December 2018, Afrique Audit Conseil Baker Tilly changed its name to become BAKERTILLY CAMEROON, following the new brand refresh policy of the Baker Tilly International Network.
Being part of the Baker Tilly International Network allows us to provide you with a wide range of internationally recognized skills, specialties and professional experiences.